How we work

Getting to the Here and ‘Know’

When beginning working with you, part of our “discovery” process is to evaluate your current brand. Discovery involves delving into your company’s objectives, industry issues, conducting a brand audit, etc. In the case of startup companies, division expansion or product extensions, discovery helps to get at the heart of what makes the company’s products/services uniquely different. Sometimes that results in a new brand platform, while at other times a brand may need a little refreshing.

We strive to fully understand your needs and expectations, as well as identify your communication goals. We gather background information, outline objectives and establish realistic goals. We’ll also discuss your budget, decision protocol and Internal Process.

We use S.M.A.R.T.E.R. criteria to establish the starting parameters. It’s all too easy to lose sight of the original objectives unless they are properly established, quantified, agreed and recorded.

  • Specific – A clear written description of what is intended or required, and the outcome needed.
  • Measurable – Quantify every aspect that is fixed, especially budgets, scale of application, etc.
  • Agreed –  All stakeholders and interested/affected parties concur.
  • Realistic – Determine the realistic intention of the project to ensure it is not inherently flawed
  • Timebound – Proper start and finish timeframes —ideally with milestones and measures along the way.
  • Ethical – We build ethics in from the start to provide a valuable reference point in maintaining integrity.
  • Recorded – Documentation is essential for clarification, agreement, management and control.

When developing creative, we craft a CWP – Creative Work Plan that outlines key areas such as competitive challenges, objectives, tonality, recommended tactics, branding elements, etc. This is approved by the client and helps ensure that each member of the team (eg: designers, writers, programmers, etc.) is committed to the project’s objectives, maintains focus and consistently communicates with the team and client.

Follow Through

High Profile Group’s system of checks and balances regulates the project as well as the process. When we deliver the project, the advantages of our processes are evident. After completion, our work is dissected and an analysis is performed to measure performance and results. Procedures re explored; benefits are identified and enhanced. Finally, client input in survey form allows concerns to be addressed so that future projects and processes are improved.