Let’s begin with a simple question: What makes you unique in the marketplace? And if you hand that question to one of your competitors, would they say all the same things?

Unfortunately, most firms are much better at differentiating their clients’ products/services better than their own. “We think strategically,” they say. That may be true, but it won’t usually make them different. “You’ll like working with us.”  Sure, that’s important but doesn’t explain why clients come to them in the first place —vs. staying with them. “We’ll do things on time, on budget, and we’ll work with yoursenior staff.” Yawn. If you’re a professional, that’s the assumption, but it’s certainly not a point of differentiation, let alone positioning.

Your positioning must be different from others — not marketing gibberish.  Sure, you may be able to bust into any room, but if you don’t have compelling things to say, you’ll lose their attention quicker than you can say Jack Robinson.